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By 1998, STOBER began manufacturing and presented the ServoFit Precision Planetary Gearhead - the quietest, coolest, lowest backlash unit to fit any servo motor. In 1999, STOBER Drives introduced the MGS Beverage unit that began a maintenance revolution in that industry.

The Commerce Park facility was expanded in 2001 and the ServoFit Modular System was released. The servo product line has progressively expanded and servo gearmotors offered to the North American market.

With more servo products, expansion of the MGS food units, and the introduction of the unique hollow bore servo motor, a 50,000 square foot building was added in 2012!


  • Servo Gearmotors
  • Speed Reducers
  • Variable Speed Drives

Available in: AL, AR, AZ, N.W. FL, ID, KS, LA, W. MO, MS, MT, W. ND, NM, NV, OK, W. SD, TX, UT and WY

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