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Temposonics is a global supplier of position and liquid level sensors for a wide variety of markets and applications. A pioneer in precision force and motion control, Temposonics leverages more than 40 years of industry experience to provide products that determine the mechanical behavior of materials, products and structures.

Temposonics has manufacturing facilities located in America, Europe, and Asia that deliver leading-edge position and liquid-level sensors, and is the world's leading supplier of magnetostrictive-based sensor products.

Temposonics remains a highly focused technology company that provides the kind of customer service and support you typically find in smaller organizations, but as part of a larger publicly held corporation, Temposonics also offers the kind of financial security that companies need from their key suppliers. Great technology, personalized service, and financial strength and stability are three solid reasons to choose Temposonics as your primary supplier of position and liquid-level sensors.


  • Linear Position Sensors
  • Liquid Level Transmitters

Available in: Arizona, S. Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah

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