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Webtec Products Ltd. is a manufacturing company making fluid power products for use on mobile and industrial machinery. It is our aim to design, develop and build new and innovative products to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Webtec Products Ltd. was founded in late 1964 as a joint venture between two American companies: Applied Power Inc. of Milwaukee and Webster Electric Co. Inc. of Racine, with the object of manufacturing components from Webster Electric's hydraulic division for sale in Europe by Applied Power. The company was purchased by its own management in 1970 and is now British controlled. The license and distribution agreement with Webster Electric (now part of Danfoss) has continued and since 1978 has been on a non-exclusive basis.

In 1971/72 the company diversified into flow measurement and related instrumentation. Up until November 1999 these products were sold under the trade name Webster Instruments. The Webster range of hydraulic test equipment is now sold under the parent company name Webtec Products.

The hydraulic components business has continued to grow. From November 1999 the Webtec range of hydraulic components is also being sold under the parent company name Webtec Products, a change from the trade name of Webtec Hydraulics used previously. The hydraulic components manufactured under the original Webster Electric license are primarily designed for the mobile machinery market. Webtec has continued to design and develop products both for the mobile and industrial machinery markets and has also added to its own range of products, complementary items from other manufacturers which it believes are useful to its customers.

A major part of Webtec's growth since 1970 has been due to its investment in manufacturing. Along the way Webtec has purchased three machining companies. In 1986, the business of these companies was consolidated into Webtec Engineering Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary, which in 1992 was absorbed into the parent company. Webtec's modern machine shop is located in St. Ives and the majority of its machine tools are computer numeric controlled (CNC).


  • Hydraulic Control Valves
  • Flow Conditioning Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Test Equipment
  • Test Stand Instrumentation

Available in: Texas

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