Sprecher+Schuh Manual Motor Starters


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Sprecher + Schuh Fractional Manual Starters (FMS) consist of a snap switch combined with a thermal overload device operating on the solder-ratchet principle. To reset the overload mechanism, the switch lever is moved to the OFF position. The motor can be restarted by simply pushing the switch lever to the ON position. The switch is designed to prevent being held closed under a sustained motor overload.

Typical Applications

Starting and overload protection of small 1-phase 115…230V AC/DC or 277 VAC motors used on the following applications:

  • Unit heaters
  • Fans
  • Stokers
  • Pumps
  • Refrigeration compressors






UL Approved for a Wide Variety of Applications

Sprecher + Schuh's KT7 series of Motor Circuit Controllers are some of the most versatile and technologically advanced control products available today. These devices can be used in a variety of control schemes that reduce panel space, simplify installation and eliminate the need for more expensive equipment.


  • Current-limiting short circuit protection
  • Class 10 thermal overload protection
  • Switching
  • Signaling



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The KT4 is a manual motor starter that employs the features of power switching, thermal overload protection and control circuit signaling in one compact unit. This manual motor starter has the advantage of a high speed magnetic trip mechanism which limits the let-through current under short-circuit conditions. The KT4 can be supplied with field-installable shunt trip or an under voltage trip unit which exceeds the capabilities of the classic manual motor starter. This manual motor starter is available in a general purpose and a watertight enclosure. For an explosion proof application, we recommend the KTA7 Controller used in its Manual Starter mode.