Control/Timing Relays

CS7 Control Relays

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  • Mechanically-linked contacts
  • X-stamp contacts for up to 10A (AC-15) on standard relay
  • Master relay for up to 15A (AC-15)
  • Bifurcated relay with H-bridge for low energy switching to 5V @ 3mA
  • Auxiliary components provide a range of options


CS8 Control Relays

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Sprecher + Schuh has subjected this miniature relay series to monitored endurance tests that demonstrate their ruggedness. Under normal duty, CS8 contacts have a maximum electrical life of 700,000 operations, while the AC magnet system has a mechanical life of 15 million operations.

The coil is designed for absolute undervoltage reliability. Undervoltages that do not cause the relay contactor to close can be withstood indefinitely without damage.

The body of the device is sturdy as well. The front housing, containing the phase partitions and screwdriver guides, is manufactured in one piece. Front and rear housing are then joint-fitted together.


RZ7-FE Electronic Timing Relays

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Sprecher + Schuh's RZ7-FE electronic timing relays offer seven popular output functions in an economical package. This series is especially designed for applications where a high quality, yet basic timing relay is required. Timing formats include ON-delay, OFF-delay, Wye-Delta and four other choices. All models are multi-time relays, meaning that various time ranges (from 0.05 seconds to 10 hours) can be selected from the face of the relay.

Except for their hard silver contacts, all RZ7-FE timing relays are built with solid state surface-mounted electronics and are accurate to within one percent. Their ruggedness and accuracy is due to the thorough testing of function, timing characteristics and surge voltage strength performed on each device prior to shipment.