Programmable Controllers





The DVC710 is the master control module for the HCT DVC700 series. It has a large, compliment of user configurable I/O and can work as a powerful stand-alone unit or for larger projects, be used in conjunction with a range of expansion modules. The DVC710 communicates with the other controllers through the HCT CAN Bus (high-speed communication) and utilizes a separate RS-232 port for driving external displays, unit programming, field updates, monitoring, diagnostics and features such as setting the MAC ID (node) number e.t.c. The controller is packaged in the standard DVC series enclosure and fully encapsulated to withstand the fluid power harsh operating environments.





The DVC10 Master Module is the main control module for all DVC series modules. It has a large number of inputs and outputs to work as a stand-alone unit or it can be the main module for a large CAN Bus system with up to 16 DVC expansion modules. An RS-232 port is used for programming, monitoring and driving an external display. Use with the following expansion modules (DVC21, DVC22, DVC41, DVC50, DVC61 & DVC80.

Available in: AR, LA, OK, NM and TX