Gripper Elevator (Wedge) Conveyor Systems

Product is gripped between two conveyors and elevated, lowered, transported horizontally, or removed from a puck.

Modular Design

Flextrac Series’ modular design can change and adapt as you make changes to your plant and application by simply adding, removing or reconfiguring components.

Plastic Chain

Plastic chain offers many of the same features of flat belts, but adds the ability to make turns and elevation changes within a single conveyor. In addition to their overall durability, the modular pieces can be replaced individually rather than replacing the entire belt.

T-Slot Design

To simplify integration, conveyor frames feature a t-slot for mounting accessories, supports and guides.

Gripper Chain

A variety of gripper chains are available to tailor your elevator to meet the needs of your application or product. Wedge grippers and finger grippers allow a soft grip on any product to avoid product damage. Box grippers are available in different hardnesses for moving boxes. Silicone grippers feature an indentation specifically designed for cylindrical product.

Adjustable Width

Gripper elevators can be equipped with a geared adjustment mechanism that allows them to quickly adjust to varying width product.

Plastic Chain Technology by Modu

Flextrac Conveyors feature modular plastic chain components from Modu System, a worldwide leader in the field with more than 25 years experience. All Flextrac Systems are assembled, tested and supported in North America by QC Conveyors.