Optical Signal Devices

Permanent Beacons


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The type of visual signals used depends on the application at hand and the surroundings. Thanks to EvoSIGNAL, finding the right signal device is as easy never before: with a mere three sizes (Signal Beacons) and specific assembly adapters we can ideally cover almost any application segments. The new standard solution: modular, simple and easy to use. EvoSIGNAL's unique selling point.

  • Simple and easy to use: we have maintained the full range, yet cut the number of items we supply by 80%.
  • Twin function: TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH merge two lighting functions in one element that can then be remotely operated and even configured to suit different escalation levels.
  • Poka Yoke: simple and intuitive assembly – correct assembly guaranteed!
  • Mini and Midi are also available as TriCOLOUR variants.
  • Maxi TwinFLASH are a genuine alternative to xenon flashing beacons or beacons with revolving mirrors with plenty of potential to attract attention
Typical applications

Signalling faults and machine or system states, in facility management as well as for doors and gates. All products are ideal for challenging indoor and outdoor scenarios.

  • Mini – For installation locations in confined spaces
  • Midi – Signalling across moderate distances (10 – 30 m radius)
  • Maxi – Signalling across moderate distances (10 – 30 m radius)
  • Push-in connection terminals: Simple and permanently secure connection
  • Fully compatible: Easy to replace previous products
  • Best-in-class equipment: powerful, extremely durable (IP66), tamper-proof


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Despite their size, micro installation beacons from the 230 / 231 / 232 range will provide good all-round visibility. The range includes control panel indicator lights.

  • The industry standard for control panels
  • Easy to install, even where space is restricted
Typical applications

Signalling faults and statuses

  • On small machines and equipment
  • In building technology
Installation options
  • M22 single-hole mounting including nut
  • M20 for direct installation, in safety switches, for example
  • Available with a permanent light
  • Powerful xenon fl ash light for increased visibility


 Micro Installation Beacons




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The compact 853 LED beacon is particularly versatile. With an IP67 protection rating, it is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications, even in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Powerful high-output, forward-directed light effect
  • Clearly visible, also from the side
  • Easy mounting and electrical installation thanks to the elastic, self-sealing, membranes or optional M20 cable gland for mounting on different sides
  • Many combinations possible (traffic lights, for example)
  • Where space is restricted: Multi-coloured version available, with up to seven colours

153 multi-tone siren:

  • Loud audible signal to complement 853 beacon or as a stand-alone product
  • Eight signal tones to choose from and a signal escalation option using three different externally triggerable tones
  • Signal escalation possible with LED permanent light, LED double flash and EVS light in different colours
  • Wide range of light effects and voltage options (12V, 24V, 48V and 115-230V)
  • With the multi-coloured version, the three basic colours red, yellow and green can be activated with just two PLC outputs. With a third output, a further four colours are available

153 multi-tone siren:

  • The sound output can be adjusted remotely
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The heavy-duty beacons have the advantage of a robust and seawater-resistant aluminium housing unit in conjunction with a shock-resistant wire guard. These products are therefore especially suitable for use in harsh  environments, locations exposed to seawater, or situations where excellent shock resistance is required.

  • Maintenance-free operation permits use in locations where access is difficult
  • Optimum protection, against even severe mechanical strain or exposure to seawater
Typical applications

Signalling faults and relaying alarms

  • In outdoor and indoor areas under extreme conditions
  • For maritime applications on ships or in harbour areas
  • Special screwed cable gland for equalising the pressure in the housing with the environmental pressure
  • IP66 / 67 for use in harsh conditions

Heavy Duty Lights

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Signal lights and traffi c lights from the 890/895/897/494 range provide reliable signalling, both as single lights or as combined signalling lights.

Modular traffic lights 890 and multi-tone sounder 190:

  • Cost-effective traffic light with 25W incandescent bulb or LED traffi c light with clear lenses
  • Easy installation in just a few steps and with any combination of 4 lights

Multi-colour variant (RGY):

  • Drastic reduction in number of variants by combining three light colours in a single product – Ideal where space is restricted
  • Additional high-output audible signalling of up to 110 dB(A) available in combination with multi-tone sounder/vocal alarm 190

Compact LED traffi c light 894/traffic light combination 494 for extreme ambient conditions:

  • With high IP65/IP69K protection rating for use in extremely harsh conditions
  • The 494 range combines a high-output optical signal with a powerful 90dB siren
Typical applications
  • Garages and car parks
  • Access control in building service systeme
  • Traffi c regulation on construction sites
  • Signalling for loading bays
  • Car washes/washing areas

190 Vocal Alarm:

  • The vocal alarm enables the high-output playback of spoken messages, music and tones provided in mp3 format

Traffic Lights

Monitorable Beacon

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For applications where safety is an issue, we recommend WERMA’s monitored beacons. These beacons are certifi ed by the TÜV Technical Inspection Agency and can be integrated into the safety assessment of your machinery/plant equipment in accordance with EN 13849-1 and EN 62061.

806 monitorable LED beacons:

  • TÜV certifi ed LED light that enables currentmonitoring
  • Approved for muting applications in accordance with IEC 61496-1 and laser applications as per EN 60825-1

829 monitored LED beacons:

  • Built-in monitoring electronics with two potential-free outputs; the light thus achieves PL e as per EN 13849-1 and safety category 4
  • Approval confi rmed by TÜV certificate
  • Maintenance-free LED technology

826 monitored beacons:

  • Built-in monitoring electronics with two potential-free outputs; the light thus achieves PL e as per EN 13849-1 and safety category 4
  • Approval confirmed with a TÜV certificate
  • Further safety-related products are available – or request


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Ex rated beacons from WERMA are designed for use in both gas and dust atmospheres that are potentially explosive.

  • Their use in the highest explosion group IIC and IIIC has been tested, which means that they are suitable for all explosion groups in the relevant area
  • Easy, customer-friendly connection thanks to "e" connection area
  • Various light effects, also with LED technology, for all conceivable application types
Typical applications

Signalling faults and relaying alarms

  • in potentially explosive atmospheres resulting from gases and liquids (in the chemical industry, filling lines for flammable liquids, petrochemical industry etc.)
  • in potentially explosive atmospheres resulting from dust (in the plastics and metalwork industry, food industry, grain mills and the wood processing industry)

728 / 729 / 785:

  • Extended Ex temperature range of -50 °C to 50°C is possible with accessories

728 / 729 / 785:

  • Seawater resistant aluminium housing

Ex Signal Beacons