LP air-driven hydraulic pumps are specially designed for applications that operate intermittantly in potentially explosive areas. This pump type has a compact design and a favorable price-to-performance ratio. LP pumps are designed for applications up to 21,755 psi and are available in various configurations.

Air Driven Pump

These hydraulic pumps are reciprocating, valve controlled plunger pumps. They are basically oscillating pneumatic/hydraulic pressure intensifiers which are available in three sizes. These pumps stop automatically when the opposing forces on the pneumatic side of the piston are in equilibrium with the forces on the hydraulic side. Likewise the pumps will start when the forces are unequal. This force equivalent also determines the cycle frequency. The hydraulic pumps type LP are available in various versions e.g. pump only, hydraulic power pack with tank or as turn-key power pack with the required directional valves directly mounted. These pumps are commonly used in hazardous areas where electric motor drive pumps may cause fire or explosion such as in dye works, mining, pyrotechnic industry, petroleum refineries etc. These pumps also perform well in laboratory presses, jigs or lubrication applications.

Features and benefits:

  • Max. pressure 700 bar
  • Suited for explosion hazardous applications or when no electric energy is available
  • Hydraulic power packs for direct mounting of valve banks


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