Hydac_NFD Series

NFD Series
In-Tank / Inline Duplex Filters
360 PSI • Up to 450 GPM


  • NFD Filters have an extremely large filtration area and flow capacity of 450 gpm.
  • NFD Filters can be configured for in-tank or inline applications
  • Vent and drain ports are standard
  • Aluminum alloy is water tolerant - anodization is not required for water based fluids (HWBF)
  • Screw-on lid provides easy access to filter element for replacement
  • Reusable contamination basket prevents re-entry of retained contaminants into the reservoir during element replacement
  • Filters can be fitted with clogging indicators to monitor the contamination level of the element
  • NFD duplex filters have a ball-type selector valve to provide continuous filtration and eliminate the need to shut-down the system during element changeout

Technical Details

Mounting Method See drawings
Port Connection SAE-64 Flange Code 61
Flow Direction
1.0 version
2.0 version

Inlet: Side                    Outlet: Bottom
Inlet: Side                    Outlet: Side
Construction Materials
Head, Housing, Lid
Elbows, Manifolds

Ductile Iron
Flow Capacity
2610, 5210, 7810, 10410

343 gpm (1300 lpm)
450 gpm (1700 lpm)
Housing Pressure Rating
Max. Operating Pressure
Proof Pressure
Fatigue Pressure
Burst Pressure

360 psi (25 bar)
540 psi (38 bar)
360 psi (25 bar)
Contact HYDAC office
Element Collapse Pressure Rating

250 psid (17 bar)
145 psid (10 bar)
Fluid Temperature Range -22° to 250°F (-30° to 121°C)
Fluid Compatability
Compatible with all petroleum oils and synthetic fluids rated for use with Fluoroelastomer or Ethylene Propylene seals. Contact HYDAC for information on special housing and element constructions available for use with water glycols, oil/water emulsions, and HWBF.
Indicator Trip Pressure
ΔP = 29 psid (2 bar) -10%
ΔP = 72 psid (5 bar) -10%

1.0 - Static
2.0 - Differential
Bypass Valve Cracking Pressure
ΔP = 43 psid (3 bar) +10%
ΔP = 87 psid (6 bar) +10%