OLF Series

Features and Benefits

The OLF series of filters is designed to efficiently and cost effectively filter hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, cleaning fluids and coolants which are highly contaminated. The filters can be supplied either as individual filters or as ready-to-install offline units complete with optional motor and pump units.

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Extended Element Service Life
  • Cleaner, more efficient systems

Dimicron® Technology

Dimicron® technology, which incorporates membrane filtration and multi-disc construction, sets the OLF apart from conventional filters by providing it with exceptional dirt holding capacity and separation efficiency. Each filter element is able to capture and hold more than 1 pound of dirt, meaning that the OLF60, which uses four elements, will hold nearly 5 pounds of dirt. Membrane filtration provides the OLF with a separation efficiency over 99.9% for particles 2 micron and larger (ß2 > 1000) even in a single pass.


Typical applications include:

  • Filling and flushing hydraulic units
  • Filtration of fluids for hydraulic systems and test stands
  • Filtration of cleaning fluids for parts washing machines
  • Filtration of coolants

Dimicron® Element

The synthetic membrane (2μm absolute) provides a high filtration rating while the cellulose filter layer collects and holds the bulk of the dirt load. This combination results in excellent removal efficiency, even in a single pass, and extremely high dirt holding capacity.

Technical Details

Connections (All Female)
Housing Inlet & Outlet:  1B\zn-12UN (SAE 16) G1*
Pump Inlet:
Model Vane Gear Centrifugal
OLF-15 1-1/16-12UN (SAE 12) G3/4* 1-1/16-12UN (SAE 12) G3/4* 1-5/16-12UN (SAE 16) G1*
OLF-30 1-5/8-12UN (SAE 20) G1-1/4* 1-5/16-12UN (SAE 16) G1* 1-5/16-12UN (SAE 16) G1*
OLF-45, 60 1-5/8-12UN (SAE 20) G1-1/4* 1-7/8-12UN (SAE 24) G1-1/2* 1-5/8-12UN (SAE 20) G1-1/4*
Housing drain standard on all units.
SAE connections when using adapters which are supplied standard.
*BSPP connections if supplied adapters are not used


OLF-15 OLF-30 OLF-45 OLF-60
Filter Element N15DMxxx(1x) N15DMxxx(2x) N15DMxxx(3x) N15DMxxx(4x)
Retention Capacity
Filter Efficiency ßx > 1000 ßx > 1000 ßx > 1000 ßx > 1000
Permissible Δp Across the Element (psi) 72.5 72.5 72.5 72.5
Weight Element (lbs) 6.6 13.2 19.8 26.4
Material of Filter Housing Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Capacity of Pressure Vessel (gallons) 5.25 10.50 15.75 20.5
Max. Operating Pressure Filter Housing (psi) 87 87 87 87
Material of Seals-Housing (standard) NBR NBR NBR NBR
Weight Housing (lbs) 25 33 53 62
Fluid Temperature in °F 15-175 15-175 15-175 15-175


Motor-Pump Units OLF-15 OLF-30 OLF-45 OLF-60
Operating Pressure of the Pump (psi) 65 65 65 65
Viscosity Range with Vane Pump (SUS) 75-2500 75-2500 75-2500 75-2500
Viscosity Range with Gear Pump (SUS) 75-5000 75-5000 75-5000 75-5000
Viscosity Range with Centrifugal Pump (SUS) 5-100 5-100 5-100 5-100
Motor Capacity (watts)
Vane Pump 370 W 570 W 1500 W 1500 W
Gear Pump 370 W 570 W 1500 W 1500 W
Centrifugal Pump 370 W 570 W 1500 W 1500 W
Weight Vane Pump (lbs) 17 30 43 43
Weight Gear Pump (lbs) 21 33 49 49
Weight Centrifugal Pump (lbs) 33 33 55 55
Material of Seals in Pumps (standard) NBR NBR NBR NBR