The Geartek name has become synonymous with quality, delivery, and service.  Geartek pumps and motors are designed and manufactured to combine the reliability and economical features of external gear design with modern engineering and materials to produce true pressure ratings up to 4000 psi.

Geartek has positioned itself to supply off-highway and industrial equipment to major OEM's and to Manufacturers needing new, custom built, small run pumps and motors. Geartek also has the capability to replace older, out-of-production pumps or motors.  Special configuration and fast turnaround are the keys to Customer satisfaction.

C Series

"C" Series

.88 - 3.90 C.I.R.

3500 PSI Max.

3600 RPM Max.

D Series

"D/HD" Series

2.98 - 8.94 C.I.R.

4000 PSI Max.

2500 RPM Max.

E Series

"E/F" Series

5.98 - 18.91 C.I.R.

4000 PSI Max.

2500 RPM Max.

For more detailed information view the GearTek Fluid Power Pumps & Motors catalog.