Rol-Seal Rotary Abutment Hydraulic Motors


For decades, Von Ruden's Rol-Seal® Rotary Abutment hydraulic motors have been the perferred choice for designers throughout the world. They deliver:

  • High starting torque of 92-94%.
  • No load breakaway pressures typically at less than 10 PSI
  • Less torque "ripple" at low and high speeds.
  • Dependable performance under adverse conditions
  • Many configurations allow for double ended shafting.


Axial Vane Hydraulic Motors

Axial Vane Motor

For robotics and other such applications where precise, repeatable positioning is paramount, our Axial Vane motors warrant your consideration.  Available in both Servo and Industrial grades, they deliver these characteristics:

  • Hold Position Repeatedly and Accurately
  • Mechanically "Stiff" when Locked
  • Smooth Starts and Slow Speed Operation
  • Extremely Long Life -- Relatively Few Wearing Parts
  • High Starting torque -- 97%
  • Manifold Port Capability