Commercial Grade Truck Equipment

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RKI, formerly known as Rawson-Koenig, designs and manufactures premium-quality cranes that are used by the nation's premier fleets. With lift capacity ranging from 2,000 to 6,400 pounds, one of our cranes is ideally suited to your most demanding requirements. Be sure to check out our crane bodies if you need a truck body that is perfectly designed for an RKI crane.

The RKI engineering and design departments utilize the latest in computer assisted design and stress testing evaluation to supply products that are designed for the most demanding environments.

Our crane assembly department is justifiably proud of each and every crane that we produce. All machined parts and weldments are meticulously inspected prior to final assembly; in fact, our quality control department literally destroys "example parts" to assure that the casting or welds meet our rigid standards. Every completed crane is inspected and fully tested prior to shipment.

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To ensure the highest quality, every one of our products is designed, tested, and built in our Houston, Texas facility. If one of our standard winches or options does not meet your specific requirements, we can provide custom drums, shafts, mountings and accessories to match your exact specifications.

High Quality Features:

  • Aluminum bronze worm gears
  • Hardened steel worms
  • Tapered roller bearings on wormshaft
  • Fabricated steel drums will not break
  • Hundreds of standard configurations
  • Available for any power source: mechanical, hydraulic, electric
  • Oil-cooled plate type worm brakes
  • Line pull up to 30,000 pounds
  • Standard options include capstans, roller assemblies, drum guards, drum-shaft extensions, worm brakes, drums keyed to shaft
  • Custom drums, shafts, and mountings available to meet your individual needs

Note: Not all features apply to all winches.

Superior Pulling Power

Many industries use our winches for everyday jobs or incorporate our winches into products to serve their special applications. Utility companies use our winches to tension cable for power line installations; mines and cement plants use our winches to run conveyors; and loggers use our winches to load trees for transport. In Texas, many of the light towers that line our major highways have an RKI winch installed in the base that is used to lower and raise the light rings for easy maintenance.