Standard models are in stock. Optional features available are: SAE Connections; cracking pressure of 25 or 65 instead of 7 PSI on check and flow control valves; panel mounting kits. Manifold (subplate) mounting style is also available.

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Flow Control Valve Needle Valve Check Valve

Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves

Hydac_Valve_Press Comp Flow Control_SRVR

HYDAC SRV Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves are 2-way directional valves that provide a constant flow rate regardless of system and load pressure fluctuations. The body material is steel and is rated up to 3000 PSI with flows up to 24 GPM. Optional features include steel knobs and panel mounting kits.

SRV valves allow free return flow via a built-in check valve. They can be adjusted easily and precisely by means of the control knob. An increasing number of turns from the fully closed position results in a steady increase of the flow rate. The colored scale permits accurate repetition of settings.



Model Selection

Flow Control
Model No.
Needle Valve
Model No.
Check Valve
Model No.
Press. Comp.
Flow Control
Model No.
1/8 DRV-06-01.x/5 DV-06-01.x/5 RV-06-01.x/5 - - -
1/4 DRV-08-01.x/5 DV-08-01.x/5 RV-08-01.x/5 SRV-08-01.x/5
3/8 DRV-10-01.x/5 DV-10-01.x/5 RV-10-01.x/5 SRV-10-01.x/5
1/2 DRV-12-01.x/5 DV-12-01.x/5 RV-12-01.x/5 SRV-12-01.x/5
3/4 DRV-16-01.x/5 DV-16-01.x/5 RV-16-01.x/5 SRV-16-01.x/5
1 DRV-20-01.x/5 DV-20-01.x/5 RV-20-01.x/5 - - -
DRV-25-01.x/5 DV-25-01.x/5 RV-25-01.x/5 - - -
DRV-30-01.x/5 DV-30-01.x/5 RV-30-01.x/5 - - -
2 - - - - - - RV-40-01.x/5 - - -