Direct Operated

Model DBD

Size 6 to 30          9150 PSI          87 GPM

  • Direct operated, fast response pressure relief valve
  • Three mounting styles
  • Three pressure adjustment options
  • Seven pressure adjustment ranges available for maximum resolution
  • For minimum pressure setting, consult factory
Rexroth_Press Relief Valve_DBD


General Description
Pressure relief valve Model DBD are direct operated poppet type valves. Superior pressure verses flow characteristics permit application as a main system, port, or crossport relief. Three mounting styles include: screw-in cartridge valve, cartridge in threaded housing, and cartridge in subplate mounted housing. Three pressure adjustment options include: Screw adjustment with locknut and protective cap, Hand-knob/hand-wheel, and lockable hand-knob. For more information, refer to Bosch Rexroth Data Sheet RA 25 402.


Model DB/DBW

Size 10 to 30         5000 PSI         172 GPM

Rexroth_Press Relief Valve_DB


Rexroth_Press Relief Valve_DBW



  • Pilot operated, pressure relief valve
  • Threaded in-line, or subplate mounting
  • Five pressure ranges available
  • Four pressure adjustment options
  • Optional solenoid venting (Model DBW)
  • Optional time delay for Model DBW
  • For minimum pressure setting, consult factory

General Description
Pressure controls Model DB/DBW are pilot operated pressure relief valves. They limit the maximum pressure in a system. Four pressure adjustment options are available: screw adjustment with locknut and protective cap, handknob with scale, and key lock hand-knob with scale. Additionally, a solenoid venting option (DBW) is available to unload system pressure and can be ordered normally open or normally closed. A wide range of voltages and manual overrides are available. For more information, refer to Bosch Rexroth Data Sheet RA 25 802.


Model ZDB 6 & 10/Z2DB 6 & 10 (Cast Iron)
Model ZDBK 6 & 10/Z2DBK 6 & 10 (Aluminum)

Size 6 & 10          4600 / 3000 PSI          26.4 GPM

Rexroth_Press Relief Valve_ZDB_Z2DB


  • Sandwich plate design for use with stacking assemblies
  • Mounts on standard D03 and D05 interfaces
  • Four pressure adjustment options
  • 1 or 2 pressure relief cartridges available
  • Five relieving configurations available
  • Four pressure adjustment ranges to 4600 PSI available
  • For minimum pressure setting, consult factory

Rexroth_Press Relief Valve_ZDBK



General Description
Pressure relief valves Models ZDB 6 and 10, are cast iron pilot operated poppet style sandwich valves for stacking assemblies. Excellent pressure versus flow characteristics permit use as P, A, or B port relief valves. Models Z2DB 6 and 10 will accept a second relief cartridge for use as dual work port relief valves. Models ZDBK 6 and 10, Z2DBK 6 and 10 are aluminum valves rated to 3000 PSI. For more information, refer to Bosch Rexroth Data Sheets RA 25 751, RA 25 764, RA 25 76, and RA 25 754.