PHC Digital Electronic Control System

Input Devices: Ratiometric Output

Walvoil _Electronic Systems _Ratiometric

This family consists of complete joysticks and hand grips for the SVM hydraulic joysticks. Both are based on resistive technology and the voltage output is ratiometric with the power supply.



Input Devices: Absolute Output

Walvoil _Electronic Systems _Absolute Output

These devices include joysticks and hand grips for the SVM hydraulic joysticks or LCB mechanical joysticks. Contactless technology gives them a long electrical life. The voltage output is independent of power supply (absolute).



Walvoil Service Tool

Walvoil _Electronic Systems _Service Tool _1

The PHC digital control units are pre‑set with operational values suitable for most applications. The WST programming software allows the fine tuning of the application parameters (min and max current) with a Personal Computer.



CED Digital Control Units

Walvoil _Electronic Systems _CED

The CED digital control units are designed for the precise control of proportional hydraulic functions. Available in different configurations, they are programmable with a Personal Computer. All units are protected against EMI and voltage transient. Additional safety measures are the internal watch‑dog and the redundant input devices.



KCD Cable Kit

Walvoil _Electronic Systems _KCD Cable Kit The system harness is designed for application in the automotive, agricultural and building equipment sectors. It combines excellent mechanical features and protection against corrosive agents (as hydraulic oil, fuels, manures and fertilizers).