Hi-Cyclic® Valves
250 PSI Air • 3000 PSI Hydraulic

These Lexair valves have brass body, stainless steel spool and aluminum mounting brackets. Basically 1/4˝ flow capacity but offered with 1/4˝, 3/8˝, or 1/2˝ NPTF ports for convenience in plumbing. They are shown in the Lexair catalog, LX-325, available upon request.

Metal-to-metal spool-to-body seal between all ports with O-ring seals at each end of spool. Actuators and mounting brackets can be rotated in steps of 90° to facilitate mounting or plumbing.

Air Models. Mechanically actuated models rated for maximum 250 PSI. Five-port dual exhaust. Flow is up to 1.13 Cv. Ports maybe plugged on pneumatic models to create 2-way or 3-way operation.

Hydraulic Models. Mechanically actuated models rated to 3000 PSI hydraulic oil or other compatible liquids. Single tank port. Flow is up to 16 GPM.

Hydraulic valves should have no more than 250 PSI back pressure on tank port. Spools are available for 2-way and 3-way operation, do not plug tank port on 4-way valves to change operation.


Model BRL

Model BRL - Hand Lever
On 2-position spring return valves, handle is spring loaded to back position, with 44° travel. On 3-position models neutral is with handle straight up, with 22° travel in either direction.

Model BRL 2-Position, no springs
Model BRL-2S 2-Position, spring return
Model BRL-3S 3-Position, spring centered
Model BRL-2D 2-Position, detented
Model BRL-3D 3-Position, detented







Model BC

Model BC - Cam Follower
Cam follower roller can be rotated to a position at right angles to that shown. Total stem travel is 5/16˝ of which 7/32˝ is effective, and 3/32˝ is overtravel.

Model BC 2-Position, spring return
Model BC-C 2-Position, cam return
Model BC-P 2-Position, pilot return
Model BC-RL 2-Position, lever return






Model BRF

Model - BRF Pedal
Can be operated either with the hand or with the foot.

Model BRF 2-Position, spring return
Model BRF-RF 2-Position, manual return
Model BRF-RF-3S 3-Position, spring centered






Model BK

Model BK - Knob
Similar to BRL except spool is actuated with 0.22˝ push-pull movement. Knob is spring loaded to "out" position on spring return models.

Model BK 2-Position, no spring
Model BK-2S 2-Position, spring return
Model BK-3S 3-Position, spring centered
Model BK-2D 2-Position, detented
Model BK-3D 3-Position, detented
Model BK-P 2-Position, pilot return







Model BLI

Model BLI - Knob/Panel
Same as Model BK knob valve except with 7/8-14 threaded stem for panel mounting. Panel nut furnished.

Model BLI 2-Position, no springs
Model BLI-2S 2-Position, spring return
Model BLI-35 3-Position, spring centered
Model BLI-2D 2-Position, detented
Model BLI-3D 3-Position, detented
Model BLI-P 2-Position, pilot return








Model BP or BDP



Model BP - Air Piloted
Pilot media air 35 to 250 PSI. Main valve media air or hydraulic.

Model BP Double pilot, no spring
Model BP-2S Single pilot, spr. return
Model BP-3S Double pilot, spr. centered




Model BDP - Hydraulic Pilot
Pilot media hydraulic 35 to 2000 PSI. Main valve media air or hydraulic.

Model BDP Double pilot, no spring
Model BDP-2S Single pilot, spring return
Model BDP-3S Double pilot, spr. centered





Model BN

Model BN - Clevis
Clevis slot 0.20˝, spool stroke 0.218˝.

Model BN 2-Position, no springs
Model BN-2S 2-Position, spring return
Model BN-3S 3-Position, spring cent.
Model BN-2D 2-Position, detented
Model BN-3D 3-Position, detented






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