Normally Closed

Lexair_Explosion Proof_3Way

Lexair's explosion-proof, 3-way, normally closed solenoid valve is UL listed for use in hazardous locations. The valve's soft-seated poppet design provides bubble-tight sealing in air applications and is suitable for water or other liquids that are compatable with Buna-N seals.

The male 1/4˝ NPT outlet port mounts directly on Lexair 2-way and 3-way poppet valves or other pilot operated valves. This provides simple, safe and effective valve operation in hazardous environments.

Model No. Voltage
3500-01 120 VOLTS/60 HERTZ
3500-02 240 VOLTS/60 HERTZ
3500-07 24 VOLTS/60 HERTZ
3500-06 24 VDC