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Enerdoor is a specialist in electro-magnetic issues for automated and industrial installations in the Industrial, Medical and Military segments.

Enerdoor's high-attenuation, anti-interference filters, guarantees the best solution for electromagnetic compatibility in automated industrial machines and electrical installations. Electro-magnetic interference solutions are never one-dimensional. Our approach is to solve your problem the first time.


  • 3-Phase RFI Filters
  • Active Harmonic Filters
  • DC Filters
  • 3-Phase + Neutral Filters
  • Parallel Filters
  • Passive Harmonic Filters
  • Single Phase RFI Filters
  • Reactor & Output Filters
  • Military Filters

 Available in: AL, AR, AZ, N.W. FL, ID, KS, LA, W. MO, MS, MT, W. ND, NM, NV, OK, W. SD, TX, UT and WY

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