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The Murphy by Enovation Controls brand represents over 80 years of innovation with rugged displays, control solutions and end devices for engine monitoring and control.

The Murphy tradition of innovation was founded on the pioneering spirit of Frank W. “Pat” Murphy and his search for simple, reliable engine protection. In 1939, he transformed the world of engine instrumentation with the release of his innovative Swichgage® safety switch. The rich history of rugged and reliable Murphy-brand products has evolved into state-of-the-art display and control solutions found in applications ranging from construction equipment and pump applications to motorcycles, off-road utility vehicles and ski boats. Rapidly changing technologies and regulations demand scalable, customizable solutions for engines and equipment. Murphy brand products reduce the engineering burden by delivering rugged, easy-to-implement solutions that enable OEMs and equipment operators to deliver maximum results. Murphy controllers and panel solutions can be found on simple mechanical engines to the most advanced Tier 4 Final electronic engines and used in many mission critical applications around the world.



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