Hydraulic Safety Seminar

Womack is pleased to announce this new 1-day Hydraulic Safety Seminar. This powerful symposium covers many aspects of safety in a hydraulic system including:

  • Understanding the regulations and standards for hydraulic safety
  • Successful safety risk assessment and compliance methods
  • What to do and not to do when working with hydraulic machinery
  • Defining Fluid Power:
    • Pressure - What it is and how it's used
    • Flow and velocity in pipes, tubes and hose
    • Power, how it is defined
  • Safe plumbing practices
  • Hydraulic oil and the different types of oil.
  • Use and settings of hydraulic systems, and maintaining hydraulic systems
  • Accumulator Safety - How to use accumulators in systems and how to be safe
  • What safety equipment should be worn and used when working around hydraulic equipment

Today's ongoing demand to get things done faster should not exclude the most important part of the job: Safety First!

Call today for more information!  800-569-9800

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