Low Frequency

Low Rfid


Contrinex low-frequency RFID technology features not only conventional components, but also a range of all-metal read/write modules and transponders executed in stainless steel. These devices are particularly well suited for difficult operating environments that are exposed to cleaning, chemical products, water and frost. They are moreover highly resistant to mechanical shocks.


High Frequency

 High Rfid


Contrinex high-frequency RFID technology (13.56 MHz) meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 15693 and is therefore not limited to transponders of a specific manufacturer. The new Contrinex high-frequency system is moreover particularly user friendly. Up to 10 read/write modules can be connected to the RS485 network and controled directly by a PC via a USB adaptor developed by Contrinex. The physical address of the read/write module can be defined by means of a built-in selector.