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The pneumatics innovation

The new AV03 pneumatic valve from AVENTICS – Smaller, lighter, more efficient

AVENTICS creates new dimensions

With this highly compact valve design, boasting half the weight of the market standard, AVENTICS sets new benchmarks for pneumatic valves. Smaller dimensions enable greater freedom for machine layouts - for example, the valve system can be placed near the actuator. The result: shorter tubing lengths from the cylinder to the valve. You save compressed air and get higher valve system dynamics

Reduced installation volume

For a compact machine design: up to 45% less required space, thanks to a compact design and optimally positioned push-in fittings!

Higher flow rate

Reduced pressure loss thanks to optimized compressed air channels. Same cylinder force, less supply pressure. Shorter tubing lengths due to the possibility of placing the valve system near the actuator, saving compressed air and increasing dynamics.

Reduced weight

High-performance polymers and fewer components make AV03 up to 50% lighter than conventional valve systems on the market.

Flexible design possibilities – easy engineering

Modularity and an easy assembly principle are what make the AV valve system so flexible: Just a single screw is all you need to replace individual valves quickly and without extended downtimes. Double and triple base plates can be combined, thus enabling tailor-made automation solutions.

Tubing diameters and the exit direction of push-in fittings can be defined using the configurator or changed at a later date

Electrical control with a 25-pin or 44-pin D-Sub connector with side or top exit, or with Centralized D-Design AES BUS modules available in Profibus DP, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, ProfiNET I/O, EtherCAT, and PowerLink. Modular, Centralized Input modules and Output modules are also available.

  • Valve type: Spool valve, zero overlap
  • Flow: 0.3 Cv ( 300 l/m )
  • Materials:
        - Housing: Polyamide, glass fiber reinforced
        - Seals: Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, hydrated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber
  • Port Sizes: Supply and Exhaust - Ø 4 / Ø 6 / Ø 8 mm push-in straight and 90° angled. Working ports - Ø 3 / Ø 4 / Ø 6 mm push-in 90° angled, Ø 4 / Ø 6 / Ø 8 mm push-in straight.
  • Manual Overrides: Locking or Non-locking styles
  • Electrical Voltage: 24 VDC ( -10% / + 10% )
  • Power Consumption: 0.55 W
  • Protection: NEMA 4 / IP65 with electrical connector/plug ( IP54 without electrical connector )
  • Indicator: Yellow LED

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