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HIWIN Motion Control & System Technologies considered by many as being the first company in the world to be capable of consistently manufacturing the highest accuracy grades recognized by ISO and DIN standards as well as transportation grade rolled ballscrews.

Even today, only a limited number of companies have the ability to make JIS grade 0 (0.0035mm/300mm) lead accuracy ballscrews. In addition, HIWIN is also capable of manufacturing rolled ballscrews to JIS grade 5 (0.018/300mm) tolerance, making HIWIN one of the best rolled ballscrew manufacturing facilities in the world.


  • Linear Guideway
  • Industrial Robot
  • Position Guideway
  • Precision Bearing
  • Linear Motor
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Ballscrews
  • Linear Actuators

Avaliable in: AR, LA, OK and TX

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