SMARTLEVELcapacitive sensors reliably distinguish between true liquid level and foam, film or material build up which causes conventional capacitive sensors to false trigger.  These devices are available in a wide array of housing shapes and materials including PTFE for the most harshest chemical environments.  They provide a cost-effective, reliable point-level monitoring for a wide range of medical, biotechnology, life sciences and manufacturing processes.

SMARTLEVEL - in difficult applications

  • Compensates for condensation, foaming, filming or material build-up 
  • Penetrate container walls made of glass or plastic, even at thicknesses up to 10 mm 
  • Detect aqueous and highly conductive media 

SMARTLEVEL  - lower costs


  • Frequent cleaning and readjustments 
  • Inconsistent and false triggering
  • Reduced materials and lower design efforts (e.g. no bypass tubes) 

SMARTLEVEL sensors extend the application spectrum, increase application reliability, and optimize the production process.

Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW Florida