Luminescence Photoelectric Sensors


If you need to detect marks that are invisible to the human eye, luminescence sensors are ideal. They can detect all kinds of fluorescent substances, even if the marks are only faint.

At the press of a button, marks with a higher luminescence than their background are detected. In this standard mode, the sensor works in light switching mode. You can make fine adjustments to ensure reliable results for very small difference between the background and marks.

Depending on the device type, Balluff luminescence sensors can detect marks on any surface and against any background. Luminescence sensors with different light sources are also available. With UV, external lamps are no longer required. In addition, the sensing range (9 to 18 mm) can be further increased with additional lenses. And with high-power UV LEDs, long distances and restricted installation conditions can be accommodated using adaptable fiber optics.


  • Task in logistics (marking, selecting)
  • Tasks in production (guiding, monitoring, sorting)
  • Packaging machines (checks during cutting and folding operations)
  • Ceramics industry (e.g. the positioning of parts)
  • Wood industry (e.g. glue bead checks)
  • Pharmaceuticals (checks during the manufacturing process)
  • Textiles (e.g. cut guidance)
  • Food industry

Correct positioning of bottles prior to further packaging



Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW Florida